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workers' compensation for employees

Representation of Injured Workers in Maine

Workers' Compensation Representation for Injured Employees.

You've been hurt on the job and don't know what your rights are. You don't think you're getting everything that the law entitles you to. You need someone to advise you and maybe even take your side in litigation against the deep-pocketed insurance company. You need a knowledgeable workers' compensation lawyer.


I have represented dozens of injured workers before the Maine Workers' Compensation Board. My clientele has included employees in the fields of plumbing, construction, nursing, retail, trucking, and more. The injuries have ranged from broken bones and torn ligaments to mental stress disorders and psychological sequelae. I am not afraid to take on complicated cases, and I have dealt with such substantive and procedural issues as statutory interpretation, confidential discovery, retaliatory termination, compensation rate calculation, employee surveillance, Medicare compliance, and benefit coordination. My goal is to become the top workers' compensation lawyer in Maine, and I have dedicated countless hours of client services, legal research, and continuing legal education to help me reach it. For the curious, I have posted information about workers' compensation law on a blog.



No two cases are identical, and any lawyer who guarantees an outcome based on prior cases is a reckless fool. However, I can say that I have helped my clients to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in wage-loss compensation and medical-expense payments through settlements and decrees. Some recoveries have included interest on past-due compensation, penalties for late payments, or settlement of employment discrimination disputes. I can't control the facts behind your claim, but I can identify the right legal arguments to make to give you the best chance at success.

Workmen’s compensation is a mechanism for providing cash wage benefits and medical care to victims of work-connected injuries, and for placing the cost of these injuries ultimately on the consumer, through the medium of insurance, whose premiums are passed on in the cost of the product.
— Arthur Larson, law professor and treatise author (1952)