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            Information about successful cases handled by the firm or its attorneys are provided for general information only. Every legal matter is unique, and no attorney can guarantee any specific outcome for any specific legal matter. The outcome of a particular matter, especially in litigation, depends on a variety of factors, including the specific factual and legal circumstances, the skill of opposing counsel (if any), and, often, unexpected developments beyond the control of any client or attorney.

Usage of the free case evaluation tool constitutes only a request for contact and possible evaluation of the user’s case by the attorneys of the firm. Please do not send any confidential or sensitive information with this tool. Please be aware that the firm is obligated to screen prospective (potential) clients for conflicts of interest, and its attorneys do not practice law outside of Maine.

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The usage of this website is voluntary and contingent on acceptance of the firm’s privacy policy and disclaimer. If a user objects to either the privacy policy or the disclaimer, said user should not use the website or other online services provided by the firm. Usage of the website is not a requirement for anyone who wishes to consult with or be represented by Lawsmith

The attorneys and staff of Lawsmith do not sell, rent, or trade website users’ personal information. The firm has some access to website traffic information but generally does not aggregate or analyze that information and does not connect it specific users. Aggregation or analysis is limited to internal business purposes and is anonymous to the extent that it is possible. The firm does not track users’ movement to or in other websites but sometimes collects data about which other websites or search engines (e.g., Avvo or Google) users utilize for referral to the website.

Information about your computer hardware and software may be automatically collected by Lawsmith. This information may include your IP address, browser type, operating system, and access time. This information is used by the firm for the operation of the website and to provide general statistics regarding use of the website.

In addition to the website’s privacy policy, the attorneys and staff of the firm must adhere to privacy, confidentiality, and attorney-client privilege rules and laws and constitutional rights that generally prohibit disclosure of information and communications provided by clients and prospective clients to anyone outside the firm. Of course, such information may be used as necessary to explore whether to represent prospective clients or to further existing clients’ legal interests or when authorized by the client. Also, please be aware that in some circumstances, such as a court order or communication to the firm of a threat of impending harm, such information must be disclosed. For more specific information about offline privacy, confidentiality, or privilege issues, consult with your attorney.